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Thank you for taking the time to visit Cat Dog Training. 

We specialize in obedience training, tricks and sports, as tackling behavioral issues for your beloved pets, as well dog walking exercise sessions


Find out more about our private sessions.


No Deposit and Upfront payments require for any of our private sessions



Animal Talent Agency


Animal actors and on-site trainer service catering to media production, weddings and events

Home Visit Dog Training


1 on 1 private dog training

HDB Approval

Behavior Modification


Resolve any behavioral issues for cats and dogs

Home Visit Cat Training


1 on 1 private cat training

Pet Event Management


Organize pet events, seek sponsorship, manage program flow, provide workshops, talks and seminars, coordinate games and conduct demos

Fitness Programs through Dog Walking & Exercise

We customize fitness programs that will gradually enhance your dog's fitness at a pace that it is comfortable with




1 on 1 Home Visit Dog Training


 $180 per session

Each session we will teach you and train your dog 
the most efficiency, expedite the progress of
training your dog and getting it to adapt to your
We teach and train from basic commands on both hand 
and verbal signal, walking and socialise, introducing puppies to your existing pets and family, deal with any unpresent  behaviours, toilet training, how to groom ou dog, to tricks and sports, to understanding your dog behaviours
You may also feel free to request the topics you like to learn 
and train your dogs


HDB Approval Training

$180 per session

Not all breeds of dogs are approved under HDB, here we help train, and resolve issue from seeking approvals to handling complains. We have experiences in this field for the past 20 years
Behavior Modification

Home Visit and Fitness Exercise will be implemented according to every case

How we charge?

Our training service goes by per session.

There is no upfront payment or deposit needed. I also don't lock you up with any package. All payments are to be made only after each session ends.

There are too many cases of trainers not available for booking from the 2nd session onwards after receiving a lump sum payment so per session basis will be fair to both parties.

My fee will be $180 per session for 1 dog. If you have 2 dogs(owned by the same family and staying together), the second dog will only be charged $100 if required to be trained. 

Each session is about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on how fast your dog learns. It will be a private training conducted at your home or at any venue you prefer. 

I will try to do a crash course for you, meaning 1 or more topics to be done in each session whenever possible. A complete training usually takes me 4 to 6 sessions, which is equivalent to what you can expect from the standard 10 to 15 sessions from other programs.

1 on 1 Home Visit Cat Training

$180 per session

Like any dogs and birds, cats can be train too, we can teach you and train your cat to dog commands, toilets, walking on leash or stay out in a bags, adapting to other pet in the house, behaviours issue,  you can also request the topcis you like your cats to learn
No Deposit or Upfront payment




We are a full service Talent Agency providing service to any productions from commercials, filming, events, weddings and more.
Service includes:
  • Animal Actors of any breeds on cats, dogs or small animals
  • On-site Trainer / Wrangler
  • Animal Actors Makeover
  • Sourcing and providing specific equipment or decoration
Pass Video productions


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